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Behind the Project: Breitling for Bentley (Director’s Cut)

In this series we will look deeper into a work that was especially admired in our community: Breitling for Bentley (Director’s Cut), created by Crys Ju. The Korean motion graphics designer, inspired by modern car commercials and the film scores of the composer Selma Mutal, created this striking commercial video for her VDAS (Visual Design & Art School) senior project. Check out what the artist had to say about her inspiration and her creative process, then watch the video on Behance.

What was your inspiration for this project?

The concept for ‘Breitling for Bentley’ is combining the best of the two brands, Breitling and Bentley. Even though this project is for the branding of Breitling, which is a watch company, I was inspired by car commercials that I watched on Vimeo. I learned a lot about editing and directing for film from watching these surprisingly dramatic car commercials.

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Author: Thomas Bradley

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