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Home » NewsBlog » Female-led agency Noise13 creates identity for new range of “luxury but approachable” cannabis caramels

Female-led agency Noise13 creates identity for new range of “luxury but approachable” cannabis caramels

All woman-led San Francisco agency Noise13 has just unveiled a cute, playful identity for Dovana, a “sophisticated” range of cannabis-infused caramel.

The agency was approached by the “mom and pop duo”, who already had an artisanal-level recipe and wanted to work together to create a brand strategy, name, and packaging system to match.

Noise13’s reproach concluded that the target audience for the products was “female to androgynous, 30-70 years of age, new and existing cannabis users.” As such, they decided on a name and brand personality that looked to “exude luxury but still be approachable.” Dovana means “gift” in Lithuanian, and hints at the family’s heritage, “as well as a way to subtly acknowledge the restorative and relaxing effects of cannabis,” says the agency. “The logo reflects this meaning — it has a sense of indulgence, with custom lettering that swooshes and swirls, reminding us of the soft and lavish caramels themselves.”

The branding system used across the packaging was created with a view to expanding the range in future into different flavour variants and potentially new products within the range.
“We designed a system to make future growth as simple and cost-effective as possible,” says Noise13. “Variable information lives on a label that is applied to a universal box, making inevitable content updates quick and affordable without sacrificing style.”

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Emily Gosling

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