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Hotel Bienvenue

Parisian Elegance with a Touch of Art Deco

Paris is known for many things: Its classic stylistic sensibility, timeless architecture, and delicious pastries, for example. Hotel Bienvenue by renowned hotelier Adrien Gloaguen blends the three with an effortless grace and a nod to Art Deco. Interior designer Chloé Nègre carefully—and colorfully—curated a selection of furnishings and finishing touches that lend a unique personality to each room. With a broad palette stretching from sky blue to a burnt pink, the interiors are light, airy, and accented by mid-century housewares and timeless pieces of decor. The centrepiece, however, is the pastry studio with renowned baker Anaïs Olmer at its helm for both daily bites as well as on-site pastry-making lessons.

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Images © Paloma RincónPablo Alfieri

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