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In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, here is Louis H….

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In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, here is Louis H. Draper’s Fannie Lou Hamer, Mississippi (c. 1960). Draper’s portrait of the civil rights activist is emblematic of his humanistic approach to photography. In the 1960s, Draper cofounded the Kamoinge Workshop, a Harlem-based group of African American photographers devoted to representing the diversity and [...]

Meet the New Dialog Element

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Keith Grant discusses how HTML 5.2 has introduced a peculiar new element: . This is an absolutely positioned and horizontally centered modal that appears on top of other content on a page. Keith looks at how to style this new element, the basic opening/closing functionality in JavaScript and, of course, the polyfills that we’ll need [...]


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It’s absolutely crazy to think that the same 1968 Mustang GT Fastback driven in Bullitt by Steve McQueen himself, would end up in the hand’s of an unassuming New Jersey housewife… But that’s exactly what happened. “After Bullitt wrapped, the hero car was sold to a studio executive in Los Angeles, who kept it briefly before selling [...]

Racconti del Campo

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Designed by NEOM | Country: Italy “It was needed to find a fil rouge, a unique concept, through a range of flours with very different origins: mais, rice, kamut, durum wheat, common wheat, chickpeas, etc. Our client, Selezione Casillo, part of the biggest wheat company in Italy, was calling this offer simply as Farine Speciali but it was not [...]

To understand 2018, you first have to understand the 1990s, Vanity Fair’s David Friend says

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Everything from #MeToo to President Trump has its roots in the “naughty nineties,” Friend says. It would be easy to say that our self-obsessed culture, rampant cynicism in politics and the decline of traditional dating are all recent trends. But to understand how we get selfies, President Trump and Tinder, you have to look back [...]