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Everyday Practice

Everyday Practice is a Korean design studio that has a passion for experimenting with different mediums. From animated GIFs to fine art sculptures, their portfolio is full of innovative projects made from a variety of materials. The studio is especially inventive when it comes to constructing [...]

Colorful University by Ludwig Favre

Colorful University by Ludwig Favre The Parisian Photographer’s Playground in Pastels nathan Tue, 11/14/2017 - 13:53 Photographer Ludwig Favre puts placid pastels front and center in his thoughtfully-composed images. A fervent traveler, Favre seeks out peaceful places where bright, bold, and beautiful colors augment the [...]

Paul Johnson illustrates every Manchester City game this season

North + South studio founder Paul Johnson is a huge Manchester City fan, currently living in London. Originally from Moston, he's had his season ticket since he was 14 years old. To show his love of his home team, he recently decided to illustrate every [...]