Tim Cook FastCo interview: Apple not a follower; working on products well into 2020s; not in it for the money

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FastCo yesterday named Apple the most innovative company of the year, and it has today followed up with an interview with the company’s CEO, Tim Cook. When you talk about your company as often as Cook does, it must be incredibly hard to come up with new things to say, and many of his comments [...]

Things 3.4 adds expansive new URL schemes for linking, automation, and handover from other apps

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Cultured Code’s Things task manager is a popular option on the Mac, iPhone, and iPad, but it hasn’t talked to other apps very well in the past like other solutions. That changes today with Things 3.4 which adds expansive new features enabled by special URL schemes. more… Go to original Source Author: Zac Hall https://9to5mac.files.wordpress.com/2017/03/mac1.png?w=32Powered [...]

Eurasian filings hint at two new iPad models coming soon

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Apple has registered a handful of new devices in the Eurasian commission database earlier this week, as discovered by Consomac. Legal obligations require devices that use encryption to be registered ahead of release. In the past, similar filings have tipped the hat on new MacBook models, the iPhone 7 and AirPods. The latest entries represent two [...]

Apple may buy cobalt direct from mining companies, protecting both parties

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Apple is reportedly in talks about buying cobalt direct from miners in a long-term deal set to span five years or more. The report is given weight by the CEO of one mining company confirming Apple has held discussions about cobalt, which is used in the lithium-ion batteries which power Apple devices. There would be two [...]

Meet Isay Weinfeld

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Meet Isay Weinfeld An Architect from Brazil caroline Tue, 02/20/2018 - 12:42 From one side of the globe to the other, Isay Weinfeld is one of the most sought-after architects of our contemporary era. An inimitable force in the realm of combining modern elegance with tropical vibrancy, Weinfeld thinks of a building as a complete [...]