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Tips for Better Results When Shooting in Low Light Conditions

July 23rd, 2018|

Shooting in low light conditions can result in beautiful photographs. But it also presents plenty of technical challenges for you as a photographer to overcome. The main issues with doing low light photography are: You may not be able to use a shutter speed fast [...]

Review of BlogStomp Software for Photographers

July 22nd, 2018|

Blogging is a very important marketing tool for photographers. However, it can be quite a time-consuming task having to process the photos for each post in Photoshop or any other editing application. The BlogStomp software, in my opinion, has changed blogging for photographers. A collage of images [...]

An In-Depth Look at the Range Mask in Lightroom Classic CC

July 22nd, 2018|

Lightroom is an ever-changing ever-morphing evolution of the cutting edge of digital image processing. Quite literally, it seems like Adobe releases new features and updates for their upper tier consumer photo editing software extremely frequently. Now, some of these updates and new features are loved [...]

Weekly Photography Challenge – Simplify

July 21st, 2018|

It’s time once again for the weekly photography challenge. This week your job is to do LESS! Yup, that’s right we want you to put less in your photos. Simplify your images down to one easily identifiable subject with a minimalist composition and simplicity. Simplify [...]

Tips for Using a Reflector the Right Way Outdoors

July 21st, 2018|

A reflector is easy to use, right? Just open it and put it under your model’s chin. WRONG! Using a reflector may seem really simple but most new photographers make one big mistake with them. They put them in the wrong place to make flattering [...]

9 Tips for Aspiring Young Photographers

July 20th, 2018|

Photography is an amazing way to express yourself and see the world around you. It’s therefore not surprising that photography is a favorite pass time for young people. Recently I was asked to give my tips for aspiring young photographers (and those of any age!). [...]

How to Choose Your Next Travel Photography Destination

July 20th, 2018|

If you’re anything like me, your love for photography is matched only by your love for travel. Your days consist of dreaming of epic landscapes, amazing cities, and unlimited air miles. Unfortunately, my friend, you have the travel photography bug, and I’m sorry to tell [...]

How to Take Clear and Creative Photos at Aquariums

July 19th, 2018|

Aquariums are amazing places to take your family. But it can be really hard to take good photos as aquariums. Naturally, you want some really cool pictures. But you find out very quickly that aquariums are dark. Really dark! And that your photos turn out [...]

How to Create a Luminous Look for Your Photographs

July 19th, 2018|

Today let’s talk about one of the final processes of creating an artful image. Let’s talk about THE LOOK. This refers to the overall feeling your images projects to a viewer. This look is often created during post-production here in the digital age, or it [...]