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Introducing New dPS Managing Editor – Caz Nowaczyk

November 14th, 2018|

Caz Nowaczyk dPS Managing Editor   Some of our regular readers may have noticed a new byline on our Weekly Challenge posts recently, and the absence of Darlene Hildebrand. We announced a while back that after 5 years Darlene was moving on from dPS to [...]

4 of the Best Lenses for Creative Dog Photography

November 14th, 2018|

It’s now estimated that of the 12 million households in the UK, 44% have pets. This equates to approximately 51 million pets owned. Of those, 9 million are dogs and 8 million are cats. With dogs and cats recognized as legitimate members of our families, [...]

How to Duotone a Photograph in Photoshop

November 14th, 2018|

There is an incredible array of color in our world, so it’s no wonder that it plays such a significant role in photography. However, have you ever considered narrowing your pallet down to just two colors? A duotone image is just that – an image [...]

Maternity Session Tips For Better Client Experience

November 13th, 2018|

There are many different types of portraiture. Maternity is probably one type that is truly one-of-a-kind. Each maternity session is different, however, these tips will help you have the same approach to your sessions so they run smoothly from beginning to end. Keep Posing Simple [...]

Photographing Still Life Can Teach You These 3 Things

November 13th, 2018|

Composition Lighting The importance of taking your time © Kevin Landwer-Johan Photographing still life, more than most genres, gives you more control. You can control your subject, location, lighting, composition etc. when you make still life pictures. Photographing just about anything else gives you have [...]

4 Tips for Capturing Autumn Colors

November 12th, 2018|

For those of us who live in North America, autumn is in full swing. The leaves are changing from their bright green colors and are taking on incredible hues of yellow, orange, and red. It’s a time of flux for Mother Nature. For us photographers, it’s [...]

Wedding Photography Gear You Need When Starting Out

November 12th, 2018|

What’s in your bag? Weddings are vibrant and full of emotions, making it all too easy to have a purely romantic view of the day. For the couple and guests, that is very true. However, if you are a supplier on the day, it can [...]

How To Mimic a Cross-Processing Effect in Photoshop

November 11th, 2018|

Cross-processing is a technique that comes from the darkroom days. You would purposely develop film in the wrong chemicals to achieve special color effects. When no film or chemicals are involved in digital processing, it is possible to mimic a cross-processing effect in Photoshop. I’ll [...]

Weekly Challenge – Industrial Photography

November 10th, 2018|

This week’s photography topic for our weekly challenge is INDUSTRIAL photography! View of Steelworks and Port from Christy Drive in Port Kembla NSW Australia by Caz Nowaczyk. Industrial is quite a broad topic and can consist of industrial landscapes through to close-ups of industrial equipment, [...]

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