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My Top 5 Photography Documentaries on YouTube

May 24th, 2018|

Surrounding yourself with inspiration is one of the best ways to jump-start your creativity. By viewing the works of others, we connect with our own photographic practice. One of my favorite things to do in a creative lull is to trawl YouTube. I could spend [...]

Fixing Your Photos with the Lightroom Spot Removal Tool

May 23rd, 2018|

Lightroom’s suite of editing tools is not as comprehensive as its big brother Photoshop But the program does offer a host of options for fixing photos that cover most of the corrections you are likely to need on a daily basis. You can, of course, [...]

How to Take Amazing Photos Using the MIOPS Splash Water Drop Kit

May 22nd, 2018|

Water droplet photography is a dream for almost every creative photographer. When a water drop collides with another drop, it creates beautiful crowns and other shapes that look fabulous. Capturing those moments is a very satisfying experience for a photographer. Taken by Andrea Laybauer using [...]

Tips for Doing a Summer Project 92 to Get You Out Shooting

May 22nd, 2018|

You’ve heard of the fabled Project 365, right? A photo a day for a year. We’ve even posted theme ideas here on dPS for those interested in a long-term project. But what about if you know that you aren’t going to make it all year, [...]

Making Sense of Lens Optics for Crop Sensor Cameras

May 21st, 2018|

If you have been considering getting a new camera or have been considering upgrading a camera, you have probably heard all about crop sensor cameras but what does it mean? How does crop factor affect lens selections? When you are considering systems, often it is not [...]

12 Good Reasons Why You Should Start a Photography Blog

May 20th, 2018|

Starting a photography blog was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I never would’ve guessed when I pulled the trigger on my first blog post how much good would come from it. I talked briefly about starting a blog in this article, [...]

How to Choose Your Lightroom Export Settings for Printing

May 20th, 2018|

If you haven’t yet printed some of your favorite photos, trust me you are missing out on a lot. The joy and pleasure that you get by looking at the prints cannot be matched by the digital copies. This article might excite those photographers who [...]