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Video Tutorials – Tips for Better Street Photography

Street photography is a great way to get out taking pictures, even in your own city. There is always something interesting you can find doing this kind of photography. Here are some videos to help you out with your street photography and taking better photos. [...]

Tips for Shooting Cityscapes Through a Window at Blue Hour

Shooting cityscape photos from inside a building (such as an observation deck of a tower, hotel room, etc.) pose a different set of challenges that you won’t experience shooting outdoors. Here are a few easy-to-follow tips for shooting the city at blue hour, with a [...]

How to Capture the True Nature of Indigenous Cultures with Sensitivity

This article is definitely going to be a switch from my normal contributions here on dPS, but it’s a topic that is quickly becoming relevant in today’s society. As more people travel and snap photos, it’s becoming increasingly popular to shoot photos of various indigenous [...]

3 Tips for Experimenting with Shutter Speed Creatively

So what exactly is shutter speed? In its simplest form, shutter speed refers to the length of time that your camera sensor is exposed to light (the shutter stays open) while taking a photo. A faster shutter speed thus lets in less light and a [...]

Why Every Photographer Needs a 70-200mm Lens

As photographers, some pieces of advice are universal; the same can also be said for some camera gear. The 70-200mm lens is a staple for a reason, found in pretty much every pro’s camera bag around the world, they are trusted on location from portrait [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Nature and Outdoor Photography

Introduction High on a ridge in the Brooks Range of Northern Alaska, I had an epiphany. It had to do with photography, sort of. Really, it had to do with the world in which we live. You see, I was climbing this steep slope on [...]

How to use Filter Masks in Luminar for Powerful Local Adjustments

Luminar is a powerful, full-featured photo editor, with a massive array of features and editing tools. A great deal of its workflow is built around the fairly simple concept of applying filters. It’s much like the way you might edit a photo in Instagram or [...]

How to Take Interesting Photos in Uninteresting Places

Having spent the past several months traveling extensively to some pretty exciting places, coming back home to small-town suburbia was a rude awakening for me to say the least. I was so used to having interesting subjects – be it people, landscapes, flora and fauna – [...]