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Declining Complexity in CSS

The fourth edition of Eric Meyer and Estelle Weyl's CSS: The Definitive Guide was recently released. The new book weighs in at 1,016 pages, which is up drastically from 447 in the third edition, which was up slightly from 436 in the second edition. Despite [...]

HTML Email and Accessibility

You love HTML emails, don't you? As a developer, probably not... but subscribers absolutely do. They devour them, consume them on every device known to man, and drive a hell of a lot of revenue for companies that take their email marketing seriously. But most [...]

After Supper Visions

You don’t need a home to be creative. See the work of photographers who capture the streets they live on. Go to Source Create RSS Author: Powered by WPeMatico

Big in Japan: The Illustrator 30 (Part Three)

As part of Adobe Illustrator’s 30th birthday celebration, we’re getting to know some inspiring young creatives from Japan. Go to Source Create RSS Author: Powered by WPeMatico

PowerPack for Beaver Builder is now WPML compatible

Many of our clients build their multilingual sites using the Beaver Builder plugin as it facilitates the process of designing their different website pages. Today we are happy to announce that the PowerPack for Beaver Builder add-on is now WPML compatible. We would like to [...]

Faux Grid Tracks

A little while back, there was a question posted to css-discuss: Is it possible to style the rows and columns of a [CSS] grid—the grid itself? I have an upcoming layout that uses what looks like a tic-tac-toe board—complete with the vertical and horizontal lines [...]


The Wix dev team throws their hat into the CSS preprocessor ring: Stylable is a CSS preprocessor that enables you to write reusable, highly-performant, styled components. Each component exposes a style API that maps its internal parts so you can reuse components across teams without [...]

Advocating for Accessible UI Design

Accessibility is a hot topic these days, and the older we web-makers get, the hotter it's going to become! That might be a snarky outlook, but what I'm trying to say is that it's about time we start designing the web for everyone because the [...]

Happier HTML5 Form Validation

HTML has given us loads of form validation stuff in the last few years. Dave Rupert puts a point on the UX problems with it: If you’ve ever experimented with HTML5 Form Validation, you’ve probably been disappointed. The out-of-box experience isn’t quite what you want. [...]