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Shadow DOM in Ionic

September 8th, 2018|

Mike Hartington glows about how good and useful the Shadow DOM is: [Shadow DOM is] actually built on two simple ideas, isolation and location. Need to create a bit of DOM that is isolated from the global scope? Shadow DOM is here to help. Need [...]

Working With Events in React

September 8th, 2018|

Most of the behavior in an application revolves around events. User enters a value in the registration form? Event. User hits the submit button? Another event. Events are triggered a number of ways and we build applications to listen for them in order to do [...]

16 Exquisite, Luxurious Marble Textures

September 8th, 2018|

Marble textures are a perfect way to add depth and versatility to a background or design. Read more on Medialoot → MediaLoot Blog Go to Source Author: Powered by WPeMatico

WPML and BigTranslation integrate to make WordPress translation easier

September 8th, 2018|

We are happy to announce the recent integration of WPML and BigTranslation, a professional translation agency. BigTranslation operates worldwide and provides a completely online ordering and delivery process to translate WordPress sites and additional files. The combination of native professional translators and an experienced IT [...]

Design with Difficult Data

September 7th, 2018|

You’ve been asked to design a profile screen for a mobile or web app. It will need to include an avatar, a name, a job title, and a location. You fire up Sketch or Figma. Maybe you pull out your drafting pencil or head straight [...]

The Complete CSS Demo for OpenType Features

September 7th, 2018|

I'm very glad a guide for these features exists because we already know there are so many weird things that variable fonts can do — well done, Tunghsiao Liu! There are quite a few possible values for font-feature-settings, like, ya know: aalt, swsh, cswh, calt, [...]

Level up your hosting. Get started on DigitalOcean with $100.

September 7th, 2018|

(This is a sponsored post.) Tired of slow, unreliable web hosting? See how easy it is to self-host your next project on DigitalOcean's cloud platform. Build and manage ultra-fast websites, blogs, and other static web pages using our user-friendly control panel or simple API, all [...]

What do we call browser’s native development tools?

September 6th, 2018|

You know, that panel of tools that allows you to do stuff like inspect the DOM and see network requests. How do the companies that make them refer to them? Chrome calls them DevTools. Edge calls them DevTools. Firefox calls them Developer Tools. Safari calls [...]