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The Front-End Checklist is just a tool… everything depends on you.

One month ago, I launched the Front-End Checklist on GitHub. In less than 2 weeks, more than 10,000 people around the world starred the repository. That was completely unexpected and incredible! I've been working as a front-end developer since 2011, but I started to build [...]

​7 Days of Free Stock Images

(This is a sponsored post.)Storyblocks is exploding with over 400,000 stock photos, vectors, backgrounds and more! With its user friendly site, massive library to choose from, and fresh new content, there’s no stopping what you can do. All of the content is 100% free from [...]

Fontastic Web Performance

In this talk Monica Dinculescu takes a deep dive into webfonts and how the font-display CSS property lets us control the way those fonts are rendered. She argues that there’s all sorts of huge performance gains to be had if we just spend a little [...]

Localisation and Translation on the Web

The other day Chris wrote about how the CodePen team added lang='en' to the html element in all pens for accessibility reasons and I thought it was pretty interesting but I suddenly wanted to learn more about that attribute because I’ve never designed a website [...]

The Ultimate Grunge Texture Collection

Grunge design has been on the rise: elements like “shiny” and “glossy” are now officially outdated. Grunge textures may be hard to define, but this doesn’t mean that grunge is only black and white and gray. Within natures’s harsh, beaten, scratched, ugly, or dirty surfaces, [...]

Wapuula – The Multipurpose Corporate WordPress Theme

Kevin MuldoonWapuula – The Multipurpose Corporate WordPress Theme Wapuula is a corporate WordPress theme from template veterans TemplateMonster. It was designed to be a flexible theme and comes with multiple theme skins and the popular slider plugin Slider Revolution and the drag and drop page [...]

WordPress + React

I posted just 2 months ago about Foxhound and how I found it pretty cool, but also curious that it was one of very few themes around that combine the WordPress JSON API and React, even though they seem like a perfect natural fit. Like [...]

WPML and McFelder Translations join into a new partnership

We are pleased to announce the recent integration of WPML and McFelder Translations, a multiservice technical translation agency. McFelder Translations is a translation company focused on the health, technology, marketing, and corporate real estate sectors. With more than 6,000 translators and interpreters worldwide, its pool [...]

How to Develop Your Own Blogging Style

Kevin MuldoonHow to Develop Your Own Blogging Style These days, we can find a blog online about pretty much anything that interests us, from politics to poker, football to fairytales. We’re drawn to reading blogs because of their friendly, chatty tone, which is usually distinctively [...]

The Best Request Is No Request, Revisited

Over the last decade, web performance optimization has been controlled by one indisputable guideline: the best request is no request. A very humble rule, easy to interpret. Every network call for a resource eliminated improves performance. Every src attribute spared, every link element dropped. But [...]