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Designing Tables to be Read, Not Looked At

Richard Rutter, in support of his new book Web Typography, shares loads of great advice on data table design. Here's a good one: You might consider making all the columns an even width. This too does nothing for the readability of the contents. Some table [...]

How To to Install Photoshop Brushes the Right Way

Photoshop brushes are a very versatile tool for both new users and experts as well. This handy tool is not only for replicate physical media like paints, but also can be used to apply textures, patterns, lights, etc. The process to install brushes in Photoshop [...]

Bootswatch 4 plus five new themes

We’re pleased to announce that Bootswatch has been updated for Bootstrap version 4.0.0-beta.2.ChangesThe update introduces a slew of changes to the underlying Bootstrap framework, including simplified markup, a jump from LESS to SASS, the addition and subtraction of several components. You can see a rundown [...]

How to Make a Time-lapse Video: Part Two

To create time-lapse videos from individual shots, follow these Adobe Lightroom and After Effects tips from photographer Michael Shainblum. Go to Source Create RSS Author: Powered by WPeMatico

How to Make a Time-lapse Video: Part One

To create successful time-lapse videos from individual photos, follow these gear and setting tips from pro photographer Michael Shainblum. Go to Source Create RSS Author: Powered by WPeMatico

Flexbox and Grids, your layout’s best friends

Eva Ferreira smacks down a few myths about CSS grid before going on to demonstrate some of the concepts of each: ❌ Grids arrived to kill Flexbox. ❌ Flexbox is Grid’s fallback. Some more good advice about prototyping: The best way to begin thinking about [...]

input type=’country’

Terence Eden looks into the complexity behind adding a new type of HTML input that would allow users to select a country from a list, as per a suggestion from Lea Verou. Lea suggested it could be as simple as this: And then, voilà! An [...]

Apple’s Proposal for HTML Template Instantiation

I'm sure I don't have the expertise to understand the finer nuances of this, but I like the spirit: The HTML5 specification defines the template element but doesn't provide a native mechanism to instantiate it with some parts of it substituted, conditionally included, or repeated [...]