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How People Perceive Lossy Image Quality: A Study

2017-09-22T03:06:43+00:00 September 22nd, 2017|Categories: News, Tutorials|Tags: |

The notion that lossy image quality is subjective is not an unreasonable hypothesis. There are many factors that play into how humans perceive quality: screen size, image scaling, and yes, even performance. Many research projects have tackled this subject, but I’ve recently launched a survey that attempts to understand how people perceive image quality in [...]

The Ten Essentials for Good API Documentation

2017-09-20T03:06:14+00:00 September 20th, 2017|Categories: News, Tutorials|Tags: |

API documentation is the number one reference for anyone implementing your API, and it can profoundly influence the developer experience. Because it describes what services an application programming interface offers and how to use those services, your documentation will inevitably create an impression about your product—for better or for worse. In this two-part series I [...]

Project Management for Humans

2017-09-15T03:08:10+00:00 September 15th, 2017|Categories: News, Tutorials|Tags: |

A note from the editors: We’re pleased to share an excerpt from Chapter 6 of Brett Harned's new book, Project Management for Humans, available now from Rosenfeld Media.I loved the game Tetris as a kid. I played the Game Boy version for hours. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the concept of little shapes [...]

A List Apart volunteer update

2017-09-14T03:06:47+00:00 September 14th, 2017|Categories: News, Tutorials|Tags: |

A note from the editors: A few days ago, we announced a reimagined A List Apart, with you, our faithful readers of nearly 20 years, contributing your talents. The response from this community was humbling, thrilling, and, frankly, a bit overwhelming. If you volunteered to help A List Apart and haven’t heard back from us [...]

Patterns and Purpose, an Excerpt from Animation at Work

2017-09-13T03:06:15+00:00 September 13th, 2017|Categories: News, Tutorials|Tags: |

A note from the editors: We’re pleased to share an excerpt from Chapter 2 of Rachel Nabors's new book, Animation at Work, available now from A Book Apart.So we can use animations to tap into users’ visual systems and give them a cognitive speed boost, terrific! But before animating every element of our designs, we [...]

New A List Apart wants you!

2017-09-08T03:05:31+00:00 September 8th, 2017|Categories: News, Tutorials|Tags: |

As A List Apart approaches its 20th anniversary—a milestone in independent, web-based publishing—we’re once again reimagining the magazine. We want your feedback. And most of all, we want you. We’re getting rid of advertisers and digging back to our roots: community-based, community-built, and determinedly non-commercial. If you want to highlight local events or innovations, expand [...]

Conducting the Technical Interview

2017-09-06T03:04:18+00:00 September 6th, 2017|Categories: News, Tutorials|Tags: |

I vividly remember my first interview as a manager. My hands were shaking as I led the candidate up the stairs to the conference room I had booked. When we got there, I went into a panic. What if I don’t ask a vital question? How do I even know what the vital questions are? [...]

Yes, That Web Project Should Be a PWA

2017-09-01T03:03:26+00:00 September 1st, 2017|Categories: News, Tutorials|Tags: |

It seems like ever since Frances Berriman  coined the term “Progressive Web App” in an effort to describe a new class of website, there’s been a great deal of confusion over exactly what a Progressive Web App (PWA) is. Sure, her husband, Alex Russell, put together a handy guide to the characteristics of a PWA, [...]