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Everyday Practice


Everyday Practice is a Korean design studio that has a passion for experimenting with different mediums. From animated GIFs to fine art sculptures, their portfolio is full of innovative projects made from a variety of materials. The studio is especially inventive when it comes to constructing unique typography. A very clever type treatment can be seen [...]

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Recently Received Books


The Moderns by Steven Heller and Greg D’Onofrio Looking for some new inspiration or something to add to your winter reading list? Here’s a few of the titles that we’ve received within the last month or so. Included are awesome titles from Abrams, Blast Books, The Monacelli Press, Thames & Hudson, Wee Society and Princeton [...]

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Ivan Weiss and Michael Kryenbül of the design studio Johnson/Kingston aim to create inventive work that challenges the norm. To keep their designs fresh and unique, they often craft bespoke typefaces and unconventional layouts for posters and websites. They then pair these elements with intricate textures and distorted imagery that signifies the mood of the [...]

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Chiii Design


Chiii Design collaborates with organizations focused on art and culture. Based in Macau, the studio crafts work for creative events throughout the region. Last year, they designed the branding system for the Y Show, an exhibition that presents the portfolios of local and international art graduates. The identity features purple and pink letterforms strung across [...]

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Fol Studio


Fol Studio is a multidisciplinary design firm that strives to be a “brand development partner” for their clients. Their strong branding skills are especially evident in their poster work for exhibitions and film festivals throughout Turkey. I’m particularly fond of their work for the art space Arter. For a retrospective on the controversial artwork of [...]

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Kate Prior


Kate Prior is a London-based artist currently working as an in-house illustrator for Urban Outfitters. Her quirky aesthetic fits perfectly with the brand and speaks to its hip and outgoing customers. Her humorous drawings have also caught the attention of Google. Last year, the tech giant commissioned her to create a set of stickers for [...]

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Tishk Barzanji


Tishk Barzanji crafts surreal illustrations inspired by modernism and London’s architecture. Brimming with massive windows and shadowy figures, his pieces explore themes of deconstruction and man’s interaction with space. These concepts are also present in his animated work, which demonstrates how objects would move through his mysterious landscapes. ——————– Also worth viewing: Magdiel LopezKrzysztof IwanskiAccept & [...]

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Jon McNaught


Jon McNaught is an illustrator and comic book artist who captures the small comforts of everyday life. He often draws characters enjoying quiet activities like reading books or making coffee. An avid printmaker, he enjoys crafting linocuts and screen prints comprised of humble shapes and limited color schemes. These simple elements add an extra dose of harmony [...]

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