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Cécile + Roger


The Geneva-based studio, Cécile + Roger, crafts exceptional work for the Mirage Festival in Lyon, an annual celebration of art and digital culture. Over the past five years, they created promotional materials that capture the innovative spirit of the featured installations and performances. This year, the festival’s theme was “(Im)materialities”, the idea of transforming a [...]

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Sébastien Plassard


Filled with muted colors and old-fashioned technology, Sébastien Plassard’s illustrations have a vintage flair. The nostalgic imagery often turns surreal and dreamlike as he depicts melting automobiles and horse-car-robot amalgamations. His alluring pieces have added a dash of whimsicality to popular publications such as The New York Times and Télérama. ——————– Also worth viewing: Shawna XKarolis StrautniekasSarp [...]

Sébastien Plassard 2017-10-19T03:05:38+00:00

A’Design Award Winners: Packaging


Basik Packaging by Saana Hellsten Present your packaging skills to the international design community by submitting a project to the A’Design Award & Competition. From wine bottles to tubes of mascara, the contest reviews packages of all kinds. The jury panel judges each design based on criteria such as form, innovation, material choice, functionality, and more. Winners [...]

A’Design Award Winners: Packaging 2017-10-17T03:05:47+00:00

Keith Negley


Keith Negley is an award-winning illustrator whose drawings easily transition between organic line work and rigid collaged compositions. His illustrations have appeared in national magazines, such as the New Yorker and Newsweek, where he’s covered subjects such as racial discrimination, medicine, and entertainment. In addition to his editorial work, he’s designed striking book covers and [...]

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Ricardo Gonzalez


Feast your eyes on the work of Ricardo Gonzalez, a talented graphic designer and calligrapher. His passion for lettering was formed at a young age as he grew up admiring his grandfather’s Spencerian handwriting. Today, he creates gorgeous letterforms out of a variety of mediums ranging from spray paint to neon. His scripts have graced [...]

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ITAL/C is a multidisciplinary studio that prides themselves on their diverse array of projects. From wine labels for small vineyards to global campaigns for large corporations, the studio has collaborated on ventures of all sizes. Adding to this varied collection is their assortment of side projects that express the shared interests of their designers. This work [...]

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Simone Noronha


The speckled textures of Simone Noronha’s illustrations give her work the eccentricity of an airbrushed painting, yet the drama of a vintage grainy film. This aesthetic is perfect for clients, such as The New York Times and Vanity Fair, for whom she crafts illustrations for their inviting, yet serious articles. This visual style was also [...]

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Icinori is the moniker of the design and illustration team Raphael Urwiller and Mayumi Otero. Since 2007, the duo has collaborated on drawings for advertisements and editorial pieces. In addition to their commercial work, they focus on Icinori Publishing, a non-profit that has produced over 30 books and a large collection of prints. Utilizing limited color [...]

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