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Luke Lucas


Luke Lucas is a talented typographer whose lettering has graced the covers of magazines, the walls of office buildings, and everything in between. From old style serifs to 3D scripts, he’s tackled numerous styles and often utilizes fun textures to give a unique personality to each piece. I am especially impressed with the details within his [...]

Luke Lucas 2017-09-07T03:03:19+00:00

Studio Makgill


Studio Makgill crafts beautiful work that is deeply inspired by their clients’ passions. While crafting the identity for the brewery Wiper and True, Makgill noticed the company’s fascination with nature and the biological process of fermentation. This motivated them to create a packaging system that depicts examples of how humans have used nature to their [...]

Studio Makgill 2017-09-05T03:02:54+00:00

Siobhán Gallagher


Siobhán Gallagher’s wit and charm shines through her personal illustrations and self-published zines. Her hilariously relatable comics and writings depict the struggles of awkward social interactions, big city living, and modern tragedies such as accidentally liking a crush’s old Instagram photo. This knack for successfully translating contemporary strife has led Gallagher to create editorial illustrations [...]

Siobhán Gallagher 2017-08-31T03:03:07+00:00

Top A’ Design Award Winners


Between the first show Poster by Daeki Shim, Hyojun Shim The 2018 A’Design Award & Competition is now open for submissions. The prestigious event features over 100 categories and will be judged by a panel of esteemed designers, scholars, and members of the press. In addition to receiving the A’Design trophy, winners will obtain career development services, [...]

Top A’ Design Award Winners 2017-08-29T03:05:52+00:00



Masquespacio is an award-winning creative consultancy that focuses on graphic and interior design. Their skill for integrating the two art forms is especially evident in their collaboration with the furniture company Missana. To celebrate Missana’s 20th anniversary, the studio revamped the brand with contemporary colors, materials, and textures. These elements were incorporated into the website, [...]

Masquespacio 2017-08-29T03:05:33+00:00

A Practice for Everyday Life


A Practice for Everyday Life is a London-based studio founded by Kirsty Carter and Emma Thomas. Since 2003, they’ve crafted sleek and sophisticated designs for a variety of clients including schools, exhibitions, and fashion brands. I’m especially smitten with their work for Drawing Futures, a conference focused on speculative drawing and its connection to architecture. While [...]

A Practice for Everyday Life 2017-08-24T03:01:53+00:00



Werklig strives to design with purpose and create brands that are “built on truth, not fake stories”. One of my favorite brands they developed is Suomen Jäätelö, a Finnish ice cream company. Especially impressive is the packaging: an unconventionally shaped tub that is covered in a striking pattern. The marbled nature of the graphic is inspired [...]

Werklig 2017-08-22T03:01:24+00:00

Bohuy Kim


Bohuy Kim is a Korean graphic designer who runs the studio Odd Hyphen. A strong believer in creative experimentation, he regularly pursues self-initiated projects such as the poster series Visual Impact. In this collection, he plays with unique typography, 3D illustration, and distortion techniques to explore subjects such as concealment, text, and the vicissitudes of [...]

Bohuy Kim 2017-08-17T03:02:09+00:00