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This document is part of my ongoing investigation into organizational and biological systems​. I am intrigued by the possibility that decentralist eco-centric technology might take over, reclaiming its pre-human domin​ation. Taking the form of a fictional scientific white paper, ​Extremo-Files explores the aesthetics of the machine-readable world — particularly​ the​ cell, or particle trackers in [...]

Body to Body

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ODC performance of Red Shoes by the collective. Pictured: KT Nelson, Kimi Okada, Pam Quinn, Hannah Schwartzschild, Brenda Way. Photo: Doug Winter. What does a dance lineage look like? I’ve often wanted to make a map tracing who mentored and influenced and studied with whom, to make some sense of the present — not to [...]

Draft for an epic #1: Communal Presences

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Photo by Jason Mandella. Last year, on Juneteenth, I kneeled in front of Harriet Tubman’s grave and exhaled a simple thank you. It was an almost impossible utterance: I wasn’t prepared to contend with the wash of emotion that consumed me in that moment. A couple of weeks earlier, I sent a series of frantic [...]

Living Room: Barry Jenkins

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(From left to right) Barry Jenkins, Margaret Tedesco, Terry Castle, Lindsey Boldt. Photo by Chris Brennan. https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/sfmomaopenspace/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/01113705/LR20-Jenkins.mp3 Filmmaker Barry Jenkins describes the first production at The Garage on San Francisco’s Howard Street in 2007 (the play Under the Bed by Margery Fairchild), and what happens when you stage a performance in an actual garage. Open Space Go [...]

On Planning

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Wang Jin, Ice · 96 Central Plains (1996), performance and installation. Courtesy of the artist. I. A Plan Without A Master The plan is to invent the means in a common experiment launched from any kitchen, any back porch, any basement, any hall, any park bench, any improvised party, every night […] planning in the undercommons [...]

Dear Poet of the Universe

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It is with great pleasure and pride that I am writing to offer you the position of Poet of the Universe at our Zoltan Monsanto Campus, located in a remote area of City Terrace adjacent to industrial flats below the El Sereno hills, east of Lincoln Heights. We are quite proud and pleased to offer [...]

Living Room: Marion Gray

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Marion Gray and Richard O. Moore. Photo by Charles Villyard. https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/sfmomaopenspace/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/01113634/LR19-Gray.mp3 Late photographer and archivist Marion Gray describes an adventure in 1974 involving the fight against “urban renewal” in San Francisco’s Western Addition and a surprising case of mistaken identity. Open Space Go to Source Author: Suzanne SteinPowered by WPeMatico

Heavy Machinery

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Simon Denny, Secret Power, 2015. Installation view, Marco Polo Airport arrivals lounge. Photo: Paolo Monello. I keep several screenshots on my computer’s desktop. There are a few I distinctly recall snapping up and dragging down. The two that linger most in my mind are just text from an article: Digital media appeals to younger artists [...]