There are many things to consider when starting a blog. It’s not just about creating a blog account and posting your content. If you want your blog to be successful, you need to think of the topic that you want to focus on, the platform that you’ll use, your target audience, engaging content, and more. Another important thing to take into consideration is the site’s security.

Hackers use various methods of attacking WordPress blogs and take advantage of any weakness that they see to do their evil plan. This could destroy your site and it will cost you everything that you worked hard for. Being aware of these threats and how they work will give you knowledge on how to prevent them.

A weak password is one of the most common security threats on blogs. If your password is easy to guess, it wouldn’t take long that hackers will find their way to it and take control over your site. You also must be careful with your commenting policies.

You can’t just allow everyone to post comments on your blog. Going through their comments and approving legit ones might require more work, but this is better than getting loads of spam messages on your site.

There are more security concerns that you could face on your WordPress blog. We have listed them in an infographic so you will learn about them.

See our pretty and informative graphics below and learn what blog threats to watch out for.

10 Most Common Security Attacks That Will Kill Your WordPress Blog (HowSBO)