Although Pantone’s Colour of the Year is Greenery, there are plenty among us who prefer to avoid colour altogether, opting instead for classic black and white. Let’s face it, colour trends come and go, but monochrome never goes out of style.

If you’re currently decorating your home study or office, and you’re inspired by the clean aesthetic of Scandinavian design, then the following black and white prints, by some of the world’s leading illustrators, designers, and studios, will add that finishing touch to your walls.

1. Dame du Soir by Malika Favre

With her bold, minimal style – often described as pop art meets OpArt – Malika Favre gives us a striking lesson in the use of positive and negative space and colour. This particular artwork gives just a hint of colour, amongst a dramatic dark backdrop. Classic, wonderful and ever so sexy – who wouldn’t want one of the French artist’s illustrations proudly hung on their walls?

Starting from £80 | Buy the print

2. Letter Y by Hey Studio

This stunning ‘Letter Y’ print by Barcelona’s Hey Studio was originally designed to promote BCNMCR – an exhibition and event held in February 2013 in Manchester. Choose from either 500 x 700mm or 400 x 500mm. Giclée printed on Decor Smooth Art 210gsm paper. If you go to their online shop, you can purchase ‘H’ and ‘E’ too.

Starting from €25 | Buy the print

3. Geometric Alphabet by The Lepolas

The Calm Gallery continues to be one of our favourite online shops for independent prints, and this particular offering by The Lepolas (husband and wife team Lucas and Hayley) won’t disappoint. The shapes in the geometric alphabet have been inspired by vintage French decorative typefaces. Perfect for a black and white scheme. Screenprinted in black ink on 270gsm white paper.

Priced at £20 | Buy the print

4. Avatar by Jean Jullien

If you love the wonderfully cheeky illustrator Jean Jullien, then you’ll jump for joy when you discover his online shop. There are plenty of high quality giclée prints you can get your hands on, but for our monochrome theme we hand-picked ‘Avatar’ for you.

Priced at £80 | Buy the print

5. Bouncing Rabbit by Joanna Ham

Who wouldn’t want a bouncing rabbit on a trampoline? Named, you guessed it, Bouncing Rabbit – this print is made by hand in London by HAM – the brainchild of artist and illustrator Joanna Ham. Simple, funny and a great addition to any monochrome workspace.

Starting from £35 | Buy the print

6. I Like Nice Things by Seventy Tree

Not heard of Seventy Tree yet? Oh, you’re going to love them! They’re a husband and wife team, Kerry and Daniel Layton, and they’re based in Devon. They create fun and quirky prints, posters and other bits and bobs to make you smile. And they help to save the planet too by using recycled materials and vegetable-based inks for their products, printing and packaging. This particular print, I Like Nice Things, will no doubt cheer you up.

Priced at £10 | Buy the print

7. Tropical by Seventy Tree

Ok, while we’re on the subject of Seventy Tree – here’s another wonderful monochrome print we think you’ll like. Entitled Tropical, it’s a nod to Greenery, Pantone’s Colour of the Year, without the green. If you fancy adding a little of the current botanical trend to your office, but don’t fancy anything garish, then this artwork is perfect. Available in two sizes ‘un all.

Starting from £12.50 | Buy the print

8. Salade de Fruits by Lisa Laubreaux

Brought to you by the lovely folks at People of Print, this amusing, monochrome artwork by talented illustrator Lisa Laubreaux is handmade and printed with water based inks on 250gr paper. Available in one size only.

Priced at £25 | Buy the print

9. ZZz Arthouse by Floppy Toast

ZZz Arthouse is brought to you by Floppy Toast, a London-based design studio that loves to create prints and other bits and bobs, selling things via their online shop. This print has a deep black background with strong white text falling back into black again, a simple yet classic combination.

Priced at £35 | Buy the print

10. Arrows #2 by Marc David Spengler

Last, but certainly not least, is this Arrows #2 print by Marc David Spengler. Quite simply, it’s a whole bunch of visually appealing black arrows on a white background. The contrast will please any of those who appreciate graphic design.

Priced at £20 | Buy the print

Before you dash off, allow us to recommend some decent frames. Aside from the usual, affordable goodness of IKEA, John Lewis is another contender for decent frames. In fact, they’re currently our biggest recommendation. Take a look at their House range where you can find some decent picture frames in black, white… and, in some cases, natural and silver.

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Author: Katy Cowan

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