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The Italian Illustrator Spoke to Us about Her Sunny Summer Pieces

Italian illustrator Eleonora Arosio has a broad and colorful portfolio of playful portraits and charming nudes. With a creamy color scheme and warm textures, Arosio’s illustrated worlds are filled with clear, tongue-in-cheek visual storytelling. We asked the young artist ten questions to find out more about her perky and quirky drawings.

What kind of stories do you tell in your illustrations?

I mostly tell stories about what I’ve experienced, how I’m feeling, and how I wanna see myself. Sometimes it can just be eye-candy because that’s what I love the most about illustration: freedom.

How long have you been drawing?

I’m gonna be obvious: my whole life. I think creatives are divided into two big groups: those who had an epiphany in their late teens, and those who had kindergarten teachers telling their mums their kid was gonna be an artist. I’m part of the latter.

Who influenced your style as an illustrator?

Other illustrators, for sure. With Instagram it’s so easy to follow all these amazing people and get an inspiration boost every morning.

Many of your subjects appear to be unclothed—any particular reason why?

I feel like clothes can be distracting. Sometimes I wanna have the focus on the drawing itself rather than on a striped T-shirt or some blue pants. I’m also a big supporter of all the “girls club” around the world right now, and I feel like by showing off some skin and some boobs and some belly in an illustration, I’m doing my part in trying to get over this whole stigma about women’s bodies.

Who is the funniest person you know?

My small group of friends from high school. I can’t pick one. It’s special when we’re together, and we end up on the floor crying from laughter. I always tell myself that if I could time-travel, I would definitely go back to those teenage days.

What role does humor play in your works?

With some of the drawings, I guess a lot. I remember the giggling expression of many women when they saw my illustration of a girl with multiple legs, trying to shave them like it was a long, neverending job.

If you could work with or for anyone in the world, who would you select?

The Spice Girls, for their reunion or something. Nothing makes me happier than a good old Spice Girls tune.

What inspires you?

What inspires most creatives: everyday life, art, music, films. More specifically, when I was studying art history in school, I became obsessed with Pre-Raphaelite women with their red hair, weird elegant, poses, and unconventional beauty—I now realize how much that reflects in my work, which I like to think as my own contemporary version of that.

What is your favorite color and what is your favorite shape?

That should be illegal—to ask someone what their favorite color is, I mean. But I’m gonna go with pink like the skin of my characters. As for the shape, I love drawing cute little hands.

Do you prefer summer or winter?

I used to love the cold and walking in the rain: instead, I hated the heat, tanning, and sweating. Now I don’t like either of those, as they’re just too extreme in their own way—especially in Italy. So I’m gonna cheat a little and go with Norwegian summer, which feels like an Italian spring.

Images © Eleonora Arosio

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