By caroline

Fragmented Visions of the Surreal

Lola Dupré is a collage artist who lives and works in Galway, Ireland. Her painstaking process involves printing and reprinting a source image, then carving each print into a series of slices. In turn, the slices are arranged into elongated bodies and faces that are hardly recognizable as human figures.

You can find Dupré’s work—along with the work of many other inspiring contemporary illustrators—in our new book Illusive and read our interview with her below.

Currently you live in Ireland, and you have also lived in Switzerland, Scotland, France, Portugal, and Spain. How does traveling and moving around influence your work?

I love being around new people, landscapes, and fauna. I think it has a great influence on me, and I am always inspired with new ideas.

Did you always enjoy working with your hands and creating things?

Yes, always. I think the act of creating is a very special thing. From kneading dough to building sandcastles to creating digital forms—I love it all and I think it is all equal.

Your collages are blending fragments and pieces to create a whole new image that often seems like a snapshot taken in a surreal, parallel world. Can you tell us about how you work?

I always have a lot of ideas for new work, and I think that the moment in which I choose a direction is, of course, very important. I generally start with a very specific idea, and I try to be open to new directions that the source material suggests to me.

How would you describe your style?

It’s hard to say—I am committed to working with scissors, but a lot of my inspiration is digital manipulation.

Does a new piece start with sketching at your desk or with research and collecting material?

A new piece starts with a single idea. After that, the process is always different for me.

What are your favourite places to unwind and gather new impressions?

Walking in dense forests or swimming in a natural surrounding.

Imagine you are offered an inquiry makes you over-the-top excited. Where and from whom would it most likely come?

Probably a message out of the blue from Grace Jones.

Do you see illustration as an art form or as a matter of visualizing content?

It is both. But I see it as art, and every act of creation as an act of art.

Do any other illustrators inspire you? Whose works do personally enjoy?

Everyone inspires me. Two illustrators who I admire are Robero LaForgia and Velwyn Yossy

The printed page of newspapers and magazines is disappearing, giving illustration more purposes on smartphones, apps, walls, GIFs, etc.. What’s your opinion on that change?

I think it is very interesting and, like everything, it has its upsides and downsides to different people. I do not think paper will disappear completely, but I always welcome change.

Images © Lola Dupré

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