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Work by the Melbourne-Based Designer Graces the Cover of our Futuristic Fashion Compendium

Over the past decade, Melbourne has become an internationally-revered hotbed of creativity. Lodged on the Southern coast of New South Wales in Australia, the city is home to a new generation of young creatives like Nixi Killick, each pushing boundaries in their respective fields. We spoke with Killick about her colorful clothing lines, which are featured in our recent release Otherworldly, to find out more about the Australian metropolis.

Our book showcases the work of Killick and other designers and photographers exploring the future of fashion and haute couture. See Killick’s work for yourself on 18 March at Berlin Alternative Fashion Week, or browse the book here.

What can you tell us about the fashion scene in Melbourne?

The Melbourne fashion scene is thriving! It’s a melting pot of ideas, dreams, and aspirations that collide and jostle in the construction of alternate identities and create a wonderful pastiche of styles.

You also spent some time in Italy immediately after graduating university. What were you doing there and how did the change of place affect your work?

I was chosen by London’s Not Just A Label as one of their top 100 designers in the world—a privilege that meant we all flew to Italy and showed our work in the most unfathomable trade show! It really was like designer summer camp like nothing I have ever experienced. Being surrounded by such an amazing network of like-minded creatives from across the globe has had an enormous effect on my output as a global citizen and, indeed, a global creative as well. Coming from an island far off on the other side of the world, I thought that it was an incredible and extraordinary event that has truly shaped my progression and momentum!

Your textiles are rich with patterns and colors. What inspires your distinct style of imagery?

All imagery comes from my paintings. The paintings are formed from disparate fusions of real life and my dreams, and from adventures in this world and the rest! There is often a conversation between nature and technology that frames the evolution of my visual story.

When designing a full collection, how do you decide on a central theme?

They often arise unknowingly before I even begin! I find they are bubbling at the surface when I take the seat to dive into the initial paintings. It’s quite an organic flow towards an often unconscious conversation: the paintings become a map of musings and magic mermaidian mutations.

You have an active group of followers, fans, and clients: The Colourtribe. What kind of people make up the colourtribe?

The colourtribe is vibrant on the inside and out; they are creative and they are colourful; they are blazing a trail of light and expressive liberty! They are empowered, they are positive, and they are dancing for a better world! It takes a lot of courage to go out there and radiate your essence—the colourtribe are brave babes with sparkly eyes and twinkly souls!

One of your collections is featured in our new book Otherworldly. The book is a showcase of futuristic fashion and technologically-driven haute couture. How does the relationship between technology and fashion play out in your work?

Technology is the architecture of liberation and progressive alternate possibles; fashion orchestrates the power of expression to evolve our outward interactivity! Technology and fashion are deeply intertwined, and they have a resonance beyond the outpourings of the physical world. They speak a language that causes ripples in a global dialogue, facilitating an environment for audiences to engage and challenge broader concepts surrounding technology and fashion’s future. My work is about an immersive techno-optimistic pairing with interdisciplinary innovation, and engaging experiential deliveries to create an interactive celebration of technology!

A selection of your pieces were used for Lady Gaga’s Artpop album and promotional material. How was working with her and her team?

I think there are some incredible creative figures out there that are really opening up the spectrum for fashion and it it amazing to connect and collaborate with these autonomous powerhouse performers from across the globe.

If you had the chance to collaborate with any other designer, artist, or musician, who would you choose?

Bjork! What a visionary of exquisite proportion!

In other interviews, you have stressed the importance of hi-jacking industry. Could you expand on what you mean by this?

Not the industry—I speak of hi-jacking technology and challenging alternate material streams, and looking at the idea of techno-optimism and empowering an ulterior utilization of materials and technologies that may be repurposed in an obtuse arena. I hope to harness the alternate possible!

Next month, you will be traveling Europe and showing your work at Berlin Alternative Fashion Week. Can you reveal any details about what you will be presenting?

The latest collection is a series of hybrid happenings augmented for maximum colourtribe connection.

Images © Nixi Killick

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