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Whether for practical purposes or good old nostalgia, we love getting our hands on pens, pencils, notebooks and all types of beautiful surfaces – we want it all, and we want it now. But where to go for our beloved stationery supplies? Being crazy about design and creativity at Shillington, we’ve rounded up 22 of the best online stores to satisfy stationery addicts everywhere.

1. Present & Correct

A much-loved supplier of new and vintage stationery in the design community, Present & Correct was founded by Neal Whittington, a graduate of Leeds Art College who launched the store online in 2008 and today has a physical shop in London, EC1R. It’s particularly inspirational to follow on Twitter and Instagram.

2. Papersmiths

Another firm favourite with the creative industries, Papersmiths sells beautifully curated stationery, books and magazines, greetings and gifts, and homewares online and from its two physical stores in Bristol and London. Expect brands such as Hay, Ola and Midori.

3. Counter-Print

The brainchild of Céline Leterme and Jon Dowling, Counter-Print started life nearly a decade ago as a seller of vintage design books. Today, it’s extended its products to include new books, stationery and homeware. This is an essential bookmark for any discerning designer.

4. Mark + Fold

Minimal, modern stationery born out of a love for good notebooks and an obsession with materials and making – that’s the sentiment behind Mark + Fold. Founded in 2015 to create an alternative to “mass-market stationery”, this is where you’ll find stunning modern notebooks and cards which celebrate special papers and bindings.

Image courtesy of [Present & Correct](

Image courtesy of Present & Correct

Image courtesy of [Nook](

Image courtesy of Nook

5. The Nineteen Seventy Three

If you’re wondering where The Nineteen Seventy Three got its name from, then it’s because its founders, Emma and James, were both born in 1973. Inspired by a shared love of cool design and typography, the pair formed the company whilst sat at their kitchen table. Today, their online shop sells a whole host of beautiful stationery – check out the silk screen printed notebooks!

6. Tools to Live By

Tools to Live By expects to “change the scene of our desk by looking for the finest writing instruments from all over the world”. It’s an ambitious mission and one we respect. This is the online shop that sources the very best stationery and life tools around Europe, America and Japan.

7. Fred Aldous

Manchester born and bred, Fred Aldous sells a huge range of products for those who love arts and crafts. We’re talking brushes, oil paint, canvases… you name it, they’ve got it. They also have loads of pens, pencils, sketchpads, sticky notes and clips. A lot of stuff is available online but we strongly recommend a visit to their shop in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

8. Cass Art

Cass Art stocks art supplies from some of the world’s leading brands like Winsor & Newton, Faber-Castell and Daler Rowney, so this is a decent online store to source everything from pencils, pens and inks to erasers, rulers and all kinds of surfaces.

Image courtesy of [Mark + Fold](

Image courtesy of Mark + Fold

Image courtesy of [CW Pencil](

Image courtesy of CW Pencil

9. The Journal Shop

The Journal Shop boldly claims that you “will not find a better selection of designer stationery products anywhere else”. And we kind of agree. Their passion for beautiful paper, pens and desk accessories is clear from the carefully curated selection of products. Particularly appealing is the range of washi tape and Kawaii stationery – if that’s your kind of thing.

10. Fox and Star

Fox and Star is a UK online stationery retailer that specialises in unique and well-designed stationery from across the globe. They’re home to MT Masking Tape and Masté washi tapes from Japan and offer some of the coolest weekly planners, monthly planners, journals, notebooks and cute pens about.

11. Paperchase

The high street store continues to delight and surprise with its ever-growing themed collections of cards, notebooks, pencils and pens. From kitsch desk accessories and rose gold staplers to banana-shaped pencil cases and giant sausage dog erasers, this is the place to go for fun stationery.

12. Milligram

Formerly known as NoteMaker, Milligram is an Australian online store that sells the “world’s best design stationery, office and lifestyle accessories”. Transform your work life with beautiful notebooks, pens and pencils, fine paper and diaries. Brands include Moleskine, Delfonics, Lamy and Rhodia.

Image courtesy of [Fox and Star](

Image courtesy of Fox and Star

Image courtesy of [Tom Pigeon](

Image courtesy of Tom Pigeon

13. CW Pencil

CW Pencil was founded online in November 2014 by Caroline Weaver, an amateur pencil collector and lifelong pencil lover. Its NYC store opened shortly after. Today, the brand sells everything a pencil enthusiast might want and need. “Whatever you may use them for, we want to make sure that you can have any pencil your heart, hand, or collection desires,” says Caroline.

14. Rifle Paper Co.

Another essential bookmark for all your stationery needs, Rifle Paper Co. shoots straight to the heart of beautifully designed notepads, address books, pencils and pens. And if that’s not enough, you simply must check out their selection of art prints including this Bon Voyage Tokyo artwork, available from $24.

15. Studio Sarah

Since launching her stationery brand in 2013, StudioSarah’s creative director, Sarah Silver, has become known for her feminine, contemporary collections of paper, and now leather goods, designed to create small moments of beauty that leave a personal and lasting impression. Inspired by modern and graceful design across art, interiors and fashion, she has brought these influences together to create her beautiful range of notebooks, stationery and leather accessories.

16. Nook

Nook launched in Stoke Newington, London in April 2012 by friends Gemma, Jack and Kate. With a number of years’ experience in retail behind them, they combined their shared passion for design and interiors to curate the shop that they would like to shop in. Nook brings together a selection of items from across the UK, Europe and beyond, and specialises in items (such as stationery) which are well designed and built to last, but that “don’t always take themselves too seriously”.

Image courtesy of [Rifle Paper Co.](

Image courtesy of Rifle Paper Co.

Image courtesy of [Ohh Deer](

Image courtesy of Ohh Deer

17. The Good Twin

The Good Twin is owned and operated by Katie Wilson in Los Angeles, California, with help from a small human team and her pug assistants, Peggy Day and Stevie (nappers-in-chief). In case you’re wondering: yes, Katie is a twin. She likes to think she’s the good one. Check out her stunning range of illustrated and type-based stationery, “hand-drawn with love” and printed locally using high quality recycled materials.

18. Ohh Deer

In 2011, partners Jamie Mitchell and Mark Callaby started their own online shop, Ohh Deer in one of their grandparents’ attics to sell a small range of illustrated gifts and goodies. Today, their little enterprise has grown into a huge success story – boasting nearly 30 employees, representing nearly 50 popular artists (think Gemma Correll, Sophie Corrigan and Christopher David Ryan) and enjoying exciting range collaborations with the likes of Urban Outfitters and ASOS, and stocking their products in shops as big as John Lewis and Paperchase. We especially love their online store where you can find a whole heap of illustrated notepads, pens and accessories.

19. Smug

Smug is the brainchild of Islington local Lizzie Evans, who designs, sources for and runs the shop, bringing us a pleasing range of prints, cards, accessories, homeware and yep, you guessed it, stationery. She even sells plants (although these are in store only and not available online).

20. Tom Pigeon

Last but certainly not least, Tom Pigeon is a creative studio by Pete and Kirsty Thomas that designs and sells a range of prints, jewellery, homeware and stationery. From charming pocketbooks and greeting cards to notepads and playcards, their collection is stylish, distinctive and playful.

Image courtesy of [The Good Twin](

Image courtesy of The Good Twin

21. iyouall

iya studio is a creative studio that has spent the past decade working with individuals and brands across the design sector to develop ideas and identities both online and offline. From those same creative minds comes iyouall. iyouall is a considered collection of homeware, accessories, stationery and curios beautifully packaged with simplicity, quality and functionality running through their core. Based at their store in Deptford, South London they champion product from local designers and makers alongside sourcing brands from around the world to create a curated selection for those with an eye for design. And they also have an online shop, worthy of your attention.

22. The Stationer

The Stationer was born out of a love for pens, pencils, paper and everything else that goes on a desk. Tessa Sowry started her blog All Things Stationery in early 2014, and after two years of sharing the world’s best stationery, it seemed only natural to open a shop. At The Stationer you can expect to find stationery that enjoys classic design and great functionality.

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