By Darlene Hildebrandt


Wind is an interesting subject to try and photograph because you can’t see it. So how do you capture a photo of air or a feeling like wind?

Let’s see how these 24 photographers did it:

By chriscom

By Meena Kadri

Daniel Parks

By Daniel Parks

Andrew Fysh

By Andrew Fysh


By GraceOda

Jacob Surland

By Jacob Surland

Ken Douglas

By Ken Douglas

Darwin Bell

By darwin Bell

John Morgan

By John Morgan


By Crouchy69

George Agathos

By George Agathos

Lars Schmidt

By Lars Schmidt

Peter Nijenhuis

By Peter Nijenhuis

Ben Raynal

By Ben Raynal


By Isabel

Andy Cull

By Andy Cull

Jakob Grunig

By Jakob Grunig


By photophilde

Christos Tsoumplekas

By Christos Tsoumplekas


By Mark

Brave Heart

By Brave Heart

Bill Dickinson

By Bill Dickinson

Takashi .M

By Takashi .M

Mark Dries

By Mark Dries

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