By Katy Cowan

Everyone loves to curl up on a cosy armchair and enjoy a good book. But there are some people who literally can never put a book down. They read when they’re cooking, when they’re in the bath and even when they’re just walking around. If you know someone in your life who loves reading more than anything, then the following 25 book-inspired gift ideas will be perfect for them. And you can help out an independent whilst you’re at it too…

1. ‘Once Upon A Time’ Silver Necklace

This magical handcrafted silver book is engraved with ‘Once upon a time’ on the front and ‘Happily ever after’ on the back. Suspended from a fine solid silver trace chain which is available in a variety of lengths. What’s more, the book can be personalised, so you can add a personal touch by marking your loved one’s favourite book onto the front and back cover. There’s room for a maximum of 25 characters in total, and six to seven can fit per line. Perfect.

Priced at £51 | Buy the gift

2. Book Rest Lamp

Just add your favourite book – to the Book Rest bedside lamp! Read your favourite fairytale, horror story or sports legend biography to the warm glow of this clever and uncomplicated lamp. Made of frosted glass, it’s designed to give off a soft light which is perfect for late night reading or entertaining – it also doubles up as a unique book rest to ensure that you never loose your page and end up lost after a sleepy story session.

Priced at £60 | Buy the gift

3. ‘Bloody Love Books’ Tote Bag

This ‘bloody book’ tote bag plainly expresses how the reader in your life feels about all things book. This is a really strong and sturdy very thick canvas book bag that has been custom made and will do a great job of toting books or shopping around in style. An unusual gift for those who are book brained.

Priced at £13.95 | Buy the gift

4. Books & Stuff Art Print

A simple, bold and fun hand lettered monochrome typography print, it makes the perfect gift for any book lover. With the hand drawn message “Books and Stuff”, is printed on thick 220gsm archival matte paper, using high quality inks to prevent fading over time. It comes unframed.

Priced at £12 | Buy the gift

5. Charlotte’s Web Miniature Book Necklace

This adorable little book comes as shown with a pretty silver chain with book covers printed on linen paper which is 25% cotton. The maker coats the cover image with a thin layer of non toxic Diamond Glaze for sturdiness and protection. The image is then folded over cardstock and glued on, so there are no raw edges exposed. The pages are made of wood and painted white. The natural ridges in the wood, along with the brushstrokes give the appearance of pages. An eye pin is securely attached to the spine of the pages and a jump ring is attached. The page block is then inserted and glued to cover. Books do not open. This process makes the book very durable and sturdy, with the look and feel of a real hardcover book, just much tinier or course. And if you love this gift idea, you’ll also be happy to know that you can choose other titles such as The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Wuthering Heights.

Priced at £10.20 | Buy the gift

6. Jane Austen Leather Book Bag

Does the bookworm in your life also love handbags? Then look no further. This gift idea is the perfect choice for any literature lover. It’s a Jane Austen leather bag book. That’s right. A bag that’s shaped like a book. And you can choose from various titles such as Alice in Wonderland and Harry Potter. Perfect. Print can be silver, gold, white, black, red, yellow, green, brown, beige or blue by your choice.

Around £116 | Buy the gift

7. I’m a Book Nerd Mug

This is the perfect little gift for the coffee/tea lover who also can’t get enough of reading. Each mug is professionally printed with a one of a kind design.

Around £9 | Buy the gift

8. Grimms Fairy Tales Kindle Cover

This stunning book has been converted into a case or cover that can hold any size Nook or Kindle including the new Kindle Fire HD and Nook Tablet. Choose this title or from many others, such as Roald Dahl’s Matilda or the classic Little Women.

Around £44 | Buy the gift

9. Cute Resin Balloon Bookend Dogs

Based on the classic art of balloon animal making, this Big Top Bookend is shaped like a top dog – but it won’t pop or deflate. Available in various colours, it’ll look beautifully cool on any book lover’s shelves.

From £34 | Buy the gift

10. Wicked Witch Bookmark

Inspired by the Wizard of Oz, this Wicked Witch Bookmark is fun, crazy and a real treat for those who love to read. Just imagine cute little legs sticking out from your friend’s book! Every item is carefully handcrafted in Ukraine and you can also choose from characters such as Darth Vader and little pug butts. Nice.

From £17 | Buy the gift

11. Library Card Phone Case

No matter what the model – iPhone 6plus/6S plus, iPhone 6/6s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 4s, Samsung Galaxy s6, Samsung Galaxy s5, Samsung Galaxy s4 or Samsung Galaxy s3 – this library card phone case will make the literature lover in your life jump with joy.

From £10.24 | Buy the gift

12. Book Style File Storage Box or Binder

The storage of annoying files and paperwork doesn’t have to be boring for the bookworm in your life. Give them a few beautiful, personalised, printed classic book lever arch binders and box files – all hand crafted in England using traditional bookbinding techniques. What’s more, these cute gifts can be personalised. Check them out!

From £15.16 | Buy the gift

13. AT-AT Star Wars Bookends

This AT-AT was captured during the Rebellion and re-purposed to organise your rebel manuals or books. All weapons, on board systems and all other possible threats in this war machine have been neutralised. Let it serve as a reminder that the Imperial army is still looming somewhere in this galaxy. Train hard and may the force be with you. And if you love this as much as we do, then brace yourself – there’s also a Death Star bookend?! Holy mother of Darth.

From £33 | Buy the gift

14. Book Lover Art

If your friend or loved one can never borrow enough books from the local library, then they’ll smile at this wonderful art print, created by Canadian artist Vanessa Stephens. Painted digitally and borderless print printed on thick matte paper using Epson archival fade resistant ink. And if you need one for a bloke instead, Vanessa has male versions available.

From £6.83 | Buy the gift

15. Personalised Cover for Kindle or iPad Mini

Your book lover pal can keep their Kindle or iPad Mini protected and secure in this personalised, foam-lined cover. Personalise with your choice of text – a message or phrase in bold above the person’s name and choose from five colours: black, orange, purple, green or blue.

Priced at £25 | Buy the gift

16. Personalised Book Of Everyone

The Book of Everyone is a fun and fabulously original personalised book that will enlighten, entertain and surprise. You can create a beautifully designed book about anyone with a few taps of your keyboard. Who do you know who deserves a book with his or her name on the cover?

Priced at £19.50 | Buy the gift

17. Notebook or Journal Classic Book Style

A beautiful range of classic book notebooks handmade in England using 40 years of bookbinding experience and locally sourced sustainable materials. Hide away your thoughts and musings in a vintage book look and feel notebook or journal with traditional ivory paper and gold and black typeface. With a range of 10 classic titles there is a design to suit everyone, of any gender or age, making them the perfect gift idea.

Priced from £11.21 | Buy the gift

18. Literacy Book Lover Brooch

This literacy book lover brooch makes the perfect gift for someone in your life who loves to read or study. The little trinkets are beautifully detailed and have a quaint vintage appeal, they are a mixture of sterling silver and Tibetan silver. The brooch is beautifully detailed and handmade.

Around £16 | Buy the gift

19. Artificial Succulents in Vintage Book Planter

Up-cycling has never looked so chic – a vintage book is given a new lease of life as a planter for these amazing artificial succulents. Every arrangement is unique because no two books are the same. The planting features one large faux succulent together with some smaller ones, bedded in moss. A unique gift for nostalgia lovers, they are superb accent-pieces and look wonderful on top of a stack of other vintage books.

Priced at £29.50 | Buy the gift

20. Bookmark Lightmark

This clever bookmark will shine a light on your friend’s last read page. No need to crease those corners, pages can be kept nice and crisp with Lightmark; a lamp shaped bookmark that saves the spot you read up to. A pretty cool design, don’t you agree!

Priced at £7.95 | Buy the gift

21. Book Worm Tote Bag

Book Worm is a smart typographic tote bag, perfect for your pal to transport their favourite titles around. With mid-length straps, they’re ideal for being carried by hand or over the shoulder. Designed and custom made in the UK with great care and using the most terrific heavy weight cotton. All designs are screen printed by hand.

Priced at £13 | Buy the gift

22. My Personal Library Kit

My Personal Library Kit is a fun, quirky and original present for anyone who loves and takes pride in their books. Oh to be a librarian! Complete with date stamp, record cards, sleeves for the front of the books and a little pencil, this set will allow anyone to keep tabs an all their books. No more wondering who you’ve lent which title to.

Priced at £17 | Buy the gift

23. Careful Or You’ll End Up In My Novel T-Shirt

Allow your book mad pal to make all your friends paranoid! This screen-printed t-shirt is the perfect gift for writers and book lovers alike. Printed on 100% cotton premium-weight cotton. Navy with white lettering. Comes in a choice of four sizes.

Priced at £15.95 | Buy the gift

24. Personalised Glasses Case

These colourful, funky glasses cases feature a bold spectacle design and are personalised using a freehand machine embroidery technique. The handwritten-style that this technique produces makes each case individual, and allows for total personalisation.

Priced at £18 | Buy the gift

25. Miniature Book Bookmark

Another great bookmark gift idea, and a clever stocking filler too, this miniature book bookmark is crafted from recycled leather and could even pass as a piece of jewellery or a little charm. Available in all sorts of colours. Check it out!

Around £5 | Buy the gift

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