By Darlene Hildebrandt

Christian Schirrmacher

Okay technically this is 26 images and one really cool time lapse video that represent things related to time. Some are actual clocks or time pieces, yet others are more interpretive, mystical – such as long exposure photography, light trails and stars.

See where these photographers went – around the clock.

By Christian Schirrmacher

By Arne Bornheim

Paul Gravestock

By Paul Gravestock

Sacha Fernandez

By Sacha Fernandez

Vaidotas Mišeikis

By Vaidotas Mišeikis

Julen Landa

By Julen Landa

Robert Couse-Baker

By Robert Couse-Baker

Eddi Van W.

By Eddi van W.


By Elvin

Bo Insogna,

By Bo Insogna,


By paolobarzman

John Fowler

By John Fowler

Luis Argerich

By Luis Argerich


By Kat…

Philip Edmondson

By Philip Edmondson

Mikael Tigerström

By Mikael Tigerström

Alice Popkorn

By Alice Popkorn

Charlie Wales

By Charlie Wales

Pablo Fernández

By Pablo Fernández


By Vincent_AF


By Tekke

Stefanos Papachristou

By stefanos papachristou

Atilla Kefeli

By Atilla Kefeli

Ian Sane

By Ian Sane

Joe Penniston

By Joe Penniston

Michael Shaheen

By Michael Shaheen

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