By Darlene Hildebrandt

Sudipto Sarkar

Water . . .

It’s essential to life for all creatures on this planet. We drink it, we play in it, cook with it, and of course – we photograph it!

There are many forms of water and many way to photograph it. Let’s look at how these photographers chose to do it:

By Sudipto Sarkar

By William Warby


By southtyrolean

Christopher Chan

By Christopher Chan

Berit Watkin

By Berit Watkin

Matthew Paulson

By Matthew Paulson


By CatDancing


By Maricel

Kyle Burkholder

By Kyle Burkholder

Bram Cymet

By Bram Cymet


By Hege

Movement Six

By Movement Six

Evelyn Berg

By Evelyn Berg

Alexander Rentsch

By Alexander Rentsch

Hasin Hayder

By Hasin Hayder

Janet Ramsden

By Janet Ramsden

Jimmy Brown

By jimmy brown


By ravas51

Susanne Nilsson

By Susanne Nilsson


By Kurt:S

Pam  Link

By Pam Link

Barbara  Walsh

By Barbara Walsh

Peter Roome

By Peter Roome


By Caroline


By -Reji


By sightmybyblinded

Massmo Relsig

By Massmo Relsig


By Hege


By Vern

Tate Kieto

By Tate Kieto

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