By Darlene Hildebrandt

Zoltán Vörös

This week on dPS we’re featuring a series of articles about composition. Many different elements and ways to compose images for more impact. Check out the ones we’ve done so far:

  • Using Framing for More Effective Compositions
  • 7 Tips to Improve Your Skyline Photos

Here’s how some other photographers do it and work with various compositional elements.


By Zoltán Vörös

By Raymond M.

Jeff Wallace

By Jeff Wallace

Thomas Leuthard

By Thomas Leuthard

Georgie Pauwels

By Georgie Pauwels

Gianni Dominici

By Gianni Dominici



By wester

Umberto Nicoletti

By Umberto Nicoletti

Louis Vest

By Louis Vest

Bill Selak

By Bill Selak

Shandie 8

By shandie 8

Sur Name

By Sur Name


Fernando Ocaña Fernández

By Fernando Ocaña Fernández

Lawrence OP

By Lawrence OP

Georgie Pauwels

By Georgie Pauwels

Georgie Pauwels

By Georgie Pauwels

Michelle Robinson

By Michelle Robinson

Littlenelly (rare But There)

By littlenelly (rare but there)


Patrik Jones

By Patrik Jones


By topher76

Vincent Moschetti

By Vincent Moschetti

Joris Louwes

By Joris Louwes


By mike138

Perceptions I Sichtweisen

By perceptions I sichtweisen

Andreas Schalk

By Andreas Schalk


By Aristocrats-hat

Michael Coppola

By Michael Coppola

Chris Bird

By Chris Bird


Dave Toussaint

By Dave Toussaint

Dawn Ellner

By Dawn Ellner

Thomas Hawk

By Thomas Hawk

Frédéric Vissault

By Frédéric Vissault

ELKayPics (away)

By eLKayPics (away)

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