By Chris Spooner

42 Free Nail Varnish Brush, Drips & Splatters

I’ve been having fun making a mess with my wife’s nail varnish to create some new free design resources for you to download. I brushed, dripped and splattered a whole bottle worth of varnish and scanned the results to create a variety of creative assets. There’s 42 graphics in total, ranging from brushed shapes, brush strokes, drippy circles and splashes, available as PNG images with transparent backgrounds, or within a PSD file that allows you to easily change the colour to suit your style.

Inside this free download you’ll find 42 messy graphics made from nail varnish. Rather than convert the scans into vectors or Photoshop Brushes, I’ve chosen to supply them as ready-clipped PNG images to preserve the details of the brush strokes and texture of the shimmery paint. Open the images individually, or use the Photoshop PSD to alter the colour of the polish using the colour adjustment layer to match the hue to complement your artwork.

Download My Free Nail Varnish Graphics Pack

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