By Ben Patterson

So there you are, running from meeting to meeting on a particularly busy day when you suddenly notice your iPhone or Android phone’s battery gauge is deep in the red. It’s too late for sensible battery-conservation tips—you need power for your dying handset now, or at least a way to staunch the bleeding.

We’ve gathered seven tips that’ll help preserve the last precious drops of juice in your phone’s battery, as well as ways to find emergency sources of power while you’re on the road.

1. Turn your handset off and then on again

It’s one thing if your phone’s battery is dying simply because you’ve been using it all day without a break. But if you’re watching your battery gauge drop 5 or even 10 percent in a matter of minutes, something’s up. Most likely, one of your apps or even a core Android or iOS process has spun itself into a furious, battery-draining loop.

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