By caroline

Satoduto by coil kazuteru matumura architects

coil kazuteru matumura architects renovated an existing space in Osaka, Japan to create Satoduto, a store that offers “coffee made from a Japanese tea pot, fresh local vegetables, handmade ceramics, clean air, and seasonal views.” It’s a café, local market, art gallery, and gathering place for the community. The name describes the basic concept of the store, ‘sato’ meaning countryside and ‘duto’ meaning wrapped/souvenir. Combined it can be translated to “souvenirs in the countryside.”

Satoduto is multi-faceted, designed to house a retail space and coffee shop, and host exhibitions and workshops. The kitchen is placed in its own little cabin-like area, and a garden as well as a field surround the building, so you can enjoy the view during all four seasons. During the colder months, you can gaze outside while remaining next to the cozy fireplace inside. In the summer, guests can enjoy the open patio. The architects re-used over 100-year-old cupboards and storage boxes from the original space, giving the updated structure a sense of heritage.

Images © Yoshiro Masuda, Taryo Etou

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