By Roxanne

Luis Palencia

We had the pleasure of interviewing Luis Palencia, a Venezuelan designer based in Miami who is addicted to typography and has been creating incredible work for over 8 years. 

How long have you been in your creative field?
I started to working as a graphic designer in 2007 at a small studio in my hometown, Maracaibo, Venezuela, so it has been almost 8 amazing years.

Do your personal projects differ from your professional work? If yes, how so?
Yes, sometimes they are completely opposite. Right now I’m focus on my clothing brand Bold & Heavy and exploring typographies, so that makes my day job at the office pretty different to my personal projects, but at the same time I’ve been learning so much from both and I always trying to use the knowledge that each one gives me to enrich the other one.

What is your daily routine?
Wake up early in the morning, take Catalina (my little dog) for a walk, grab a cup of black iced tea lemonade and always try to write down my to do list for the clothing brand, do a quick brainstorming and then go to the office. Usually I come back to home around 7:00pm and start to work on the brand till late night.

What inspires you and keeps you motivated?
My motivation comes from aself competition, tryingto push to the next level every project or idea that I have. I make my work important for me, my personal projects defines me and keeps me up till late night every day. Inspiration comes from everywhere and from everyone, I truly believe that when somebody does something pretty amazing it’s just the beginning for something better and that is the beautiful moment when inspiration is born. To me, Inspiration and motivation has this particular blend-point that I love, when I see or hear something that blows my mind I do take it as a inspiration to trying my best everyday (in my self competition world) and motivation to keep pushing forward my goals.

Luis Palencia A Closer Look

What creative project you’ve worked on are you most proud of?
I’ve been lucky enough to worked in some amazing projects like Max Prime channel re-brand, my music project 12″ Ninjazz, El Super Cartel which is a serie of exhibits about venezuelan graphic design that I’ve been doing since 2011, some greats branding and album artworks, but my clothing brand is the one, I feel so proud of it, I think about it everyday and I have so many goals to chase for it.

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