By Darren Rowse

Holi is a spring festival in India and Nepal, also known as the festival of colours or the festival of sharing love. It’s a wonderful festival for participants but presents photographers with an amazing opportunity.

The festival happened in the last week so we thought we’d put together a collection of images from it (and previous years).

If you’ve been – we’d love to see your images from it in comments below!

Holi Matura by Vichaya Pop on

Holi-Festival of Colors by Muthu Krishna on

Lost in the Echo by Mrigankamouli Bhattacharjee on

Holi @ Banke Bihari Temple by Saravanan Dhandapani on

"The Holy Chants" by Prakash singh on

Colors Wave by WAEL ONSY on

Holi Festival Girl by Ron Kimhi on

~ Color Palette ~ by Rudra Mandal on

color gaze by AMITABH KUMAR on

The Colours Of Holi by Vichaya Pop on

Intense Colours by sathis ragavendran on

Faith by Sudarshan Das on

Holi Melody by Utkarsh Chaturvedi on

Rain of Colors by Sreejith  Babu on

Colored Face by Tom  Abraham Dcruz on

Colours of life by Prakhar Tripathi on

Holi man by dimitris manioros on

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