By Katy Cowan

What will happen to the world when we’re no longer here? All that we’ve created and built – schools, hospitals, museums, homes? Will they fall so easily to ruin? Overtaken by nature and quickly turned to dust? What a depressing thought to ponder on a Monday morning, but this kind of scenario has always fascinated me.

For German photographer Christian Richter it has become a bit of an obsession. He loves to travel across Europe in search of forgotten corners, where he can spend a happy hour or two wandering through abandoned spaces and capture everything that’s happened to them. Whether they be factories, hospitals, old concert halls or derelict cinemas – he loves to discover how time and nature place their impact on our once-loved architecture.

Documenting the crumbling and dusty rooms, corridors and stairwells – and using the best available natural light – Christian has a particular talent for spotting appealing patterns and colours – sharing beauty in the bittersweetness of the decaying buildings.

If you love this genre of photography as much as I do, then visit to discover more of Christian’s work, or follow him on Instagram where he regularly shares some of his new abandoned finds.

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