I have been doing graphic design professionally since graduating from UCLA Exts in Multimedia Program in 1994 and 67nj is my design pseudonym since then.
I start working as a graphic designer intern and later in a full-time employed position as a web and desktop publish designer in Los Angeles, California until I moved back to Italy where I currently work as a freelance graphic designer.

My design experience includes desktop publishing, illustration and web interfaces, infographics and CSS coding.
I also like monitoring and, somehow, controlling user traffic flows throu Google WebMaster Tools and AdWords/AdSense.
I consider this website more as a playground than a portfolio site, I like digging into the graphic design universe by feeding me and reading just about everything so, you can do the same too and enjoy this selection of news feed.
More about my works by here.

Web Design, WordPress and CSS 75%
Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign 80%
Brand and Corporate Identity 70%
Blog content strategies 75%
Premiere/AfterEffects 60%
SEO/AdWords 65%
Socials profile/strategy 60%


  • 1989: Scienze Politiche (dnc) / Bologna
  • 1991/1994: UCLA (grad)/Certificate Program in Multimedia Arts, Los Angeles California
  • 1993: EMA Multimedia, Brentwood, California.
  • 1995: Digital Evolution, Brentwood, California.
  • 1996: Miguel Sal sas Bologna
  • 2000: Tecla Wireless Technology srl, Faenza
  • 2003 up today: freelancing

An additional note about the RSS feed I’m aggregating in this web site.

Most Web content developers welcome syndication through RSS, even and including using the entire article as is sent via the feed.
But there are a few exceptions I’m aware of, and paraphrasing Jennifer Kyrnin of Webdesign.com:

  • Always provide full and correct attribution. On the Web that means I never remove links back to the originating content.
  • Don’t change the content in any way. The minute I’d change it, I’d be in the copyright violation realm.

  • If the owner asks me to remove the feed, I’ll do so immediately and without complaint. Ultimately it is their content and if they don’t want me to use it, I respect that. If I wouldn’t do so, I would be looking at a lawsuit.
  • Again, the main purpose of this website is, as I mention above, to be a personal playground where I can test plugins, layouts and SEO or SEM strategies that I might need to use later in the real world. This is the only reason I retrieve RSS feed in the the first place.
  • The list of feeds I ended up using is here, and is chosen and generated by my personal interests and not by any commercial third parties.
  • RSS scraping is the practice of some websites of taking RSS content, placing it on their site and implying that they wrote the content. Some RSS scrapers take advantage of bloggers who post entire articles into their RSS feed and remove credit, links, and sometimes change the content in other ways. I’m definetely NOT practice this action on this website.
  • About this topic and more, check these links: