By caroline

Abandoned Baths, Pools, and Lidos Reflect the Function of Water

Italian photographer Gigi Cifali shot the series “Absence of Water,” which documents the state of decay of some baths, pools, and lidos in the United Kingdom. They were in vogue back in the thirties, but gradually living conditions and tastes changed, resulting in a drop in attendance and rendering the public pools uneconomical to run.

The project gives us the possibility to reflect on water: on its function and the importance role it plays in societal development and growth. Water is indispensable to live and its lack inexorably leads to ruin, exactly as happened to these pools. These architectures, trough their charm, show us the sense of emptiness that surrounds and fills them. They are a testimony to an age not too far gone, when these places were full of laughter and the beating heart of life.

Images © Gigi Cifali

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