By Veerle Pieters

Adaptive Web Design, Second Edition

In May 2011 I wrote about the design process of the cover of the Adaptive Web Design book I created for Aaron Gustafson. I reviewed that book a few months later. More after the jump.

In that first edition Aaron explains the true meaning of progressive enhancement. If you haven’t read it yet there is good news as the book is available for free here. I highly recommend it.

My updated cover for Adaptive Web Design, Second Edition

Fast forward 4 years and it’s time for Adaptive Web Design, Second Edition. This edition goes beyond the first edition to frame even more of the web design process in the lens of progressive enhancement. You will learn how content strategy, UX, HTML, CSS, responsive web design, JavaScript, server-side programming, and performance optimization all come together in the service of users on whatever device they happen to use to access the Web. A new book needs a new cover so I updated the chameleon to a new set of rearranged colours. I also adjusted his mouth a tiny bit. The book is coming from New Riders on 6 December 2015.

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