By Katy Cowan

We simply cannot get enough of the fascinating work of Bernhard Lang – featured previously – a photographer from Munich who specialises in aerial photography. In his latest series, Adria, Bernhard shoots beach scenes from above – picking out the interesting shapes, patterns and symmetry of Italy’s Adriatic coastline.

As we gaze at each bright and colourful image, it’s amazing to discover the level of order that we naturally create on a temporary basis each summer. The perfectly aligned sunbathing spots. The appealing beach umbrellas offering necessary shade. You can almost smell the suncream and hear children laughing and playing.

The series is part of Bernhard’s Aerial Views project, which he launched in 2010 to try and capture an alternative perspective to human life. If you love this type of aerial photography, be sure to check out his website at

Via Behance | All images courtesy of Bernhard Lang

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