Social relationships, she adds, will remain human

“I will say very, very emphatically, today our technology is nowhere near being able to understand what it is that you’re going to want [or] to deal with the difficulty and complexity of social relationships,” said Maran Nelson, CEO and cofounder of Clara Labs, a startup that makes virtual personal assistants. “I think there is very much a place for people in that problem.”

Nelson was speaking as a special guest at Recode and MSNBC’s first town hall event for the series “Revolution,” the first episode of which which aired on the cable network Sunday night. It’s focused on examining tech’s impact on the future of work in events over the next year. The first one with Google CEO Sundar Pichai and YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki was taped recently in San Francisco, but not everyone made the television broadcast cut.

No matter, since you can watch Nelson’s comments here:

And watch the full conversation with the CEOs of Google and YouTube below:

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