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Home » NewsBlog » Airbnb has hired a former head of Amazon Prime to run its core business

Airbnb has hired a former head of Amazon Prime to run its core business

Greg Greeley, who ran Amazon Prime, jumps south.

Airbnb’s core Homes business has essentially been run by Brian Chesky, the company’s CEO. Now he has some help.

Greg Greeley

Greg Greeley, who has been leading Amazon Prime, is joining Airbnb as its president of Homes. The addition provides some greater support for Airbnb as it tries to add more leadership structure around its founders, especially after the departure of its chief financial officer, Laurence Tosi, earlier this year; Tosi reportedly was interested in serving in the role now given to Greeley.

As Tosi left, Airbnb named Belinda Johnson as its first chief operating officer. The company is still searching for a China head after the departure of its China chief late last year after a four-month tenure. Airbnb Homes is one of its four business units alongside offerings like Airbnb Trips.

Greeley led the Prime program inside Amazon for the last four and a half years, and has worked at the company for 18 years total — though he never did rise to Jeff Bezos’s most-senior executive level of senior vice president. He was recently expected to start overseeing Whole Foods’ integration into the Amazon Prime program, but never ended up serving in that role.

Prime, the $99-a-year membership program that offers customers perks like quick shipping, has in recent years been focused on expanding internationally, a key growth area for Airbnb, as well. A year ago, Amazon poached a rising star from Target, who reported to Greeley, to run Prime in new international markets.

Greeley begins his new role at Airbnb on March 18.

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