Alan Berry Rhys returns to The Coningsby Gallery next month with Live Bait, an exhibition of original artwork, screen prints, and giclée prints inspired by his Argentinian heritage and passion for the culture and mythology surrounding fishing.

The Parana River and the narratives that surround it once again provide much of the inspiration for this fresh body of work. The characters that populate the littoral landscape of these stories feature prominently in Alan’s compositions, giving soul, light, texture and colour to these folkloric figures.

Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Alan is a graphic designer and illustrator who has exhibited internationally. His work is characterised by his admiration for the artisanal and for regional identities, presenting them through his affinity for typography and lettering combined with simple printing methods such as serigraphy, risography and paint.

As an established and successful commercial illustrator, he works on commissions for brands and companies such as 7UP, Puma, Nike, Vans, Miller, Jack Daniels, KFC, Chronicle Books, Pavilion Books, and Airbnb.

Live Bait / Alan Berry Rhys at The Coningsby Gallery runs from 24 June until 29 June 2019. Discover more at Behance.

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Katy Cowan

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