By caroline

This Illustrator Combines Portraits With Saucy Comments by the Subject’s Friends

J.P. : He remains elegant and polite while his leg hair is burning; even in the deepest abyss you will find him smelling good and well dressed.

On his blog And And, Berlin-based illustrator Martin Müller gathers portraits of people who he encounters in his daily life, adding short statements written by their friends to contribute a more personal dimension. He crafts the images using various materials such as paper, tape, and foil. The combination of the two different perspectives allows the viewer an insight not only into the personality of the sitters but also into how we intellectually and intuitively perceive the people we know.

V. K. : Mirror, mirror, on the wall … who’s the filthiest of them all?


E. A. : J.O. : Wild like a mane · dusty in the badlands · lasso the yahoos with her snap snap synoptic escapades · Dressage is the message · she’s a do right · can’t sit tight · but upright/alright/hold tight · deep into the vast horizon ….

J. A. : He’ll take you for a ride on the Aquabahn. Join in the chant with this charming man and adore his lips while he’s smoking cigarettes esthetically …

J. S. I. A. E. M. : Brain bomb punk fucker. Happy trash collector. Tea junkie. Burning sweetheart.

If you ever find yourself wanting for a subject of conversation, ask M. S. about the Westboro Baptist Church!

Images © Martin Müller

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