By Eliza Williams


Created in collaboration with Radio 4’s flagship news and current affairs programme Today, the ‘Life Inside Islamic State’ series features diary entries from an activist based in Raqqa who vividly describes the brutality and everyday cruelty of life in the city under the so-called Islamic State.

“Today’s reporter Mike Thompson had some moving and insightful diaries which were revoiced by an actor for the radio programme,” explains Rhian Roberts, editor, Radio 4 Digital. “I wanted to do something different with an art-based animation approach, something lyrical that would let the audio speak without distracting from it by being too shouty.”

The resulting films use subtle, 2D animation to illustrate the activist’s harrowing stories.


This series is part of a larger push by Radio 4 to bring more visual design to the station in order to reach wider audiences. Other recent projects include a film to promote the Stephen Hawking Reith Lecture, which was created by Aardman director Will Studd, and a series of illustrations by Niki Pilkington for The Untold podcast.

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