By Eliza Williams


Apple’s 40th birthday is on April 1st this year. To celebrate, the brand has released a film, which first aired at its iPhone keynote event yesterday.

The spot solely uses copy to express Apple’s highs and lows, its most influential ad campaigns, and its tech innovations over the decades. Whereas it mostly reads as a list of successes – natch – it doesn’t shy away from Apple’s failures, including a reference to Newton, its doomed 1990s PDA. There is also a cheeky visual of the multi-coloured ‘spinning wheel of doom’, every Mac user’s least favourite sight.

It is bold for Apple to go text-only in the spot, and Mac geeks will no doubt enjoy getting all the references, though for such a visually strong brand, I can’t help wondering if a 40 second visual run-through of all its products wouldn’t have proved more charming. But perhaps this is just the beginning of the birthday celebrations – it will be surprising if Apple lets 40 pass without more of a fanfare.



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