By caroline

The Bands by Scarcity and Creativity

Scarcity and Creativity designed this project in Norway, North of the Polar Circle. The structure connects three existing buildings: a fisherman’s cottage, a cod liver oil production building, and a cod salting building which were part of a now abandoned fishing village. These buildings date back to the early 1900s and are considered historically important because they are the remains of a form of life prevalent in this region that has ceased to exist.

The project is located at the end of the quay to foster a close relationship with the landscape and a direct contact with the water. All facilities are contained in a folding system of three bands. At the Northern end, the bands emerge from the rocks and lead to a hot/cold tub and a rest area. A sauna is created by the rising of the three bands that move independently, creating shifts and offsets that allow the light to pour inside and generate the different spaces within it. The completely open front facade offers an exceptional view over the landscape. After the sauna, one band descends and advances close to the ground to generate the main terrace while the central band splits to result in a table and benches with integrated barbecue. In the lowest part of the quay, the bands continue creating a fish-cleaning table and steps to connect the different heights.

Images © Jonas Aarre Sommarset

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