By Caroline James

Fika of Nudio Studio Melbourne

Feeling stuck in a digital rut? Looking for new creative pastures to explore? Look inside your own wardrobe for new artistic – and possibly income – streams suggests Fika Jayadi , Founder of Nudio Studio.

“Collaboration between digital and graphic design and fashion has begun and it’s only early days,” says the Australian designer and marketeer.

Fika began her boutique design studio in 2013 when her Indonesia-based friend, who owns a leather tannery, suggested she try making men’s footwear with his leather.

Today she designs and sells men’s footwear online and a range of groovy small leather goods out of creative capital Melbourne.

We asked Fika what is happening in the cross-over between digital design and fashion – and what lies ahead?

“Right now we can already see it happening, this collaboration between sectors, if you look at fashion design branding,” she says.

“For example, we use the services of a digital designer to promote our label via multimedia forms and whereas you used to just do print advertisements to promote yourself as a fashion designer now, because of the internet, we (as fashion designers) are needing to create websites that are both functional and always beautiful and that is why we are really married to each other – fashion and digital designers – from very early in the creative process and it is so important to find someone you can click with.”

“We simply cannot do what we do without our digital designers and the web.”

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In what other ways are the two creative practices intersecting?

Fika identifies:

3D printing: “It is early days but 3D printing means some of the materials previously hard to produce yourself as a digital designer, even though you may have created the designs, will eventually be producible via your own 3D printer once costs are viable”.

Wearable design: Fika agrees we are already seeing many the market’s hottest graphics winding up on people’s bodies as body art, garments and accessories. “This is very exciting and I believe there is far more to come.”

Techdesign disruptors: Today major software companies usually work apart from freelance design creatives. But watch this space. Jayadi believes high-end/grassroots collaboration is not far away and software development corporations will soon realise they must develop products driven by the needs of freelance digital and fashion designers.

“Right now the tech companies are really dictating that (wearable fashions like the Apple Watch) and I haven’t seen fashion and technology companies really sitting down and talking to each other. It’s still very niche.

“But what I expect to see in the future are situations where, say, fashion designers or digital designers have an idea and they go to a tech company and ask for some software or app development and the two industries collaborate and work on solutions. It’s not really happening yet but I firmly believe will happen in time.”

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