By Laura Collinson

Taking the concept of ‘small plates’ to extreme levels, artist Kimberly Burke has crafted these miniature meals that look so lifelike you’d be forgiven for thinking they were made of real food.

She explains: “I love miniatures because it gives you a sense of being able to control a large part of the world in a small contained space. Food is especially dear to me since it’s universally relatable and there are so many different colours and textures to try to replicate.”

The artist works with clay at a scale of 1:12, where one inch equals 12 inches. Paying particular attention to detail, Burke uses shading techniques to create the textural appearance of real food. The results look good enough to eat.

In a recent series, Burke explores the ‘less-palatable’ side of food, sculpting dishes of decay. To see more of her work, visit

Via Bored Panda | All images courtesy of Kimberly Burke

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