Photography by Elisha Smith-Leverock

To uplift our spirits and take us into the lightness of spring, Greenwich Peninsula’s NOW gallery welcomes its colourful new design exhibition for 2018 – Harmonics in Space by Fred Butler.

Available for all to view from 28 February until 29 April, the show will transform the gallery into a destination for wellbeing, where you’ll be able to explore the energy of chromotherapy to find joy in light and colour – the perfect antidote to the winter blues.

‘Healing spheres’ will be a key feature of the installation – three-dimensional sculptures that invite you to submerge your head inside to experience a range of colourful lights. “The benefit of this type of light and colour therapy enables an interplay between the conscious and unconscious levels of the psyche, stimulating the imagination and releasing creativity,” explains NOW.

The significance of the sculptures of these shapes ties into Fred’s ongoing interest in wellbeing. After studying Rudolf Laban’s theory of ‘Harmonics in Space’, which suggested the body is made up of polyhedral shapes – the smallest being a tetrahedron, located in the centre of the body. Constant deskwork and hunching over electronic devices cause the tetrahedron to become blocked. This exhibition will provide you with the opportunity to take a step back from everyday life, encouraging you to stand, breathe, move and expand your chest; engaging the whole body and allowing yourself to tap into the awareness of being alive.

Designed to help you focus on self-care, the exhibition’s inclusiveness addresses Fred’s concern about humans becoming increasingly introverted and isolated in the digital world. Fred invites you to let go of the instant gratification from constant scrolling and over-stimulation, which shortens attention span, and allow yourself to enjoy the moment, forget the past, avoid speculating on the future and be in the NOW. Quite appropriate for modern times, don’t you think?

Photography by Elisha Smith-Leverock

Photography by Elisha Smith-Leverock

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