By Katy Cowan

Growing up surrounded by trees, American artist Kimera Wachna felt a deep affinity with the natural world. But for years she worked long, monotonous hours in the city, in front of a computer, and felt like she was contradicting her very existence. So, five months ago, she decided to make a change.

Today most of her time is spent making mini paintings and wood-burned pieces on recycled and free fallen wood. When there is no fallen branches from the trees around his house, she turns to her neighbours and local community. Speaking of her work, she said: “I love working small, it creates an intimate experience between myself and the natural world. I have learned to appreciate the process of crafting and have come to adore the unique quirks in nature, working to enhance its beauty, instead of forcing my own concepts.”

Kimera now sells her creations via her Etsy shop, Gracemere Woods, which is a collaboration between herself and her partner Yuichi Watanabe. Together they offer hand crafted home decor, illustrations, and jewellery.

Every piece is hand crafted and inspired by the spirit of the forest. Each wood creation is burned or image transferred by hand rendering one of a kind unique pieces. Illustrations are all crafted in pen and ink, and necklaces are hand painted. No two necklaces will ever be the same.

Via Bored Panda

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