By Becci Sharpe

Paris-based art director Alexandra Bruel specialises in inventive clay modelling. With a background in graphic design and an aptitude for set designing, she uses her talent for moulding plasticine to produce creative brand campaigns.

This eye-catching medium inevitably provokes a hint of childhood nostalgia, but also results in an almost Pop Art effect by using bright colours and wildly imaginative designs. It allows Bruel to produce anything from realistic objects to cartoon-like shapes and even typographical forms.

The creative approach to advertising has left Bruel with a striking portfolio of campaigns, photo-shoots, set designs and even animation, and her work has impressed clients far and wide, including Wired, Wieden & Kennedy, Urban Outfitters and Vogue.

Find out more about Alexandra and her work on, where she’s represented. Or follow her on Twitter @alexandra_bruel and give her some love.

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