Did Santa bring you a new MacBook Pro for Christmas? If so, you may have a problem that a number of readers have been asking about lately. With no hard drive option in these new Macs, what do you do if you have a large media library and don’t want to pay the SSD tax? After a long examination of that question, I also look at a problem with ripping audiobooks and playing their tracks in order.

Where can I store my iTunes library with a MacBook Pro?

Q: I need to replace my 2008 MacBook Pro, which has a 1TB hard drive. But none of the new MacBook Pro models offer a hard drive option, and it would cost a lot to get the same amount of storage on an SSD. I’ve got about 400GB of media files on my Mac, and it’s my only computer. I don’t stream music, so what solutions do I have? Can I put my iTunes library on a network drive and access it via Wi-Fi? What effect will this have on performance, and how do I ensure that it’s backed up?

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